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Meet Our
Leadership Team

Clear Management Group Inc. bridges the gap between healthcare and business, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what matters most — their patients. Our mission is to empower organizations through education, training, and expert guidance, helping them thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Founders Elena Serda and Yoli Juarez, both natives of California, bring a wealth of experience to the organization. With 35 years of combined experience in healthcare management, their extensive backgrounds include the successful management of surgery centers and healthcare practices of various sizes, demonstrating their significant contributions to the industry. 

Our billing and coding team, led by Michelle Soto, founding partner of All Solutions Medical Billing Inc., is backed by a dedicated group of experts working diligently behind the scenes. Together, they provide comprehensive support that will elevate your business to new heights.

Our wide range of expertise allows us to offer an array of services, including:


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Elena Serda

Elena Serda

Marketing & Account Manager

Elena is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning various industries. With an extensive 25-year tenure in the healthcare sector, she specializes in the acquisition and management of surgery centers. Elena’s wealth of experience has cultivated a profound understanding of surgery centers and intricate business operations. Her deep-rooted expertise and insights in healthcare paved the way for strategic partnerships with accredited surgery centers (ASC) nationwide. Each entrepreneurial venture undertaken by Elena involved meticulous research and innovative problem-solving, transforming challenges into opportunities that drove her commitment to enhancing the marketplace.

Yoli Juarez

Yoli Juarez


Yoli holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and has over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector. Primarily focused on healthcare administration, she has effectively overseen operations, guiding her team through accreditations, Medicare, and life safety inspections. Yoli’s expertise extends to developing and implementing quality programs for clinical staff, contributing to physician recruitment, and providing essential support to medical executive committees and governing boards in policy and procedure implementation. Her extensive healthcare background has inspired her to establish a business dedicated to supporting others through education and training.

Michelle Soto

Michelle Soto

Billing & Coding Manager

Michelle is a founding partner of ASMB Inc. and the driving force behind our billing and coding department. With over three decades of expertise in both in-network and out-of-network billing, Michelle’s unwavering commitment and profound knowledge resonate in her daily work and leadership approach. Throughout her impactful journey in healthcare, Michelle has spearheaded transformative changes, making her an indispensable cornerstone of our team’s success.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Management

At CLEAR Management Group Inc., we specialize in out-of-network billing, Medicare, workers’ compensation, and personal injury, focusing on ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), anesthesia, and surgical practices.

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CLEAR Management Group Inc., has over 20 years of accreditation experience in a broad range of accreditations. With clients throughout the United States, our team of experts specialize in Medicare certifications, state inspections, AAAHC, AAAASF, JCAHO, and Life and Safety inspections.

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Coming soon!

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Healthcare Marketing

CLEAR Management Group Inc. has partnered with a marketing firm that has a deep understanding of the healthcare space and will work with our clients to optimize results.

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